iPhone 6s screen replacement in Hollywood

It is way cheaper to get an iPhone 6s screen replacement at places like Fixit Phone Repair Hollywood Fl. than going to Apple or Best Buy.  The iPhone 6s screen replacement is still a popular repair at third party repair shops.

The popularity and durability of these phones are the reason why so many are still around.  The iPhone 6s was the first iPhone that used a 3D touch , With it users can access Quick Actions from the home screen and Peek and Pop from within a variety of stock and third-party apps. The iPhone 6s screen replacement can be done in as little as 20 minutes and the cost is almost a third of the price of what Apple charges.

Can an iPhone 6s Screen Replacement be transferred onto a normal iPhone 6?

Well funny story. Because people keep asking if they can put an iPhone 6 screen on their iPhone 6s. The general consensus is NO. As a phone tech I could honestly say this will not work because of the logic boards connection between the screens, they look the same but they physically have different puzzle connections so even if it seems like it would work it wouldn’t because the screens connection won’t line up with the logic boards connections, and the 3D Touch feature on the IPhone 6s series is the main reason it wouldn’t work.

The iPhone 6s screen replacement is not meant for beginners, though.  It requires a working knowledge of the device to repair safely and correctly. Too many an inexperienced techs don’t realize this and as a result many home buttons are damaged and need to be replaced along with the screen.  If you’re a novice or a do-it-yourself type it’s recommended you learn the correct way to do an iPhone 6s screen replacement.