fix cracked screen

fix cracked screen

How to fix cracked screen?

I just started school at City College in Hollywood Florida. I have a iPhone 6 that need to. I asked my classmate if he knew anyplace that fix cracked screen and he told me about a place on Hollywood blvd called Fixit Phone Repair Hollywood. He said when his phone needed to fix cracked screen he took it there and it was done fast.  I told him my town has no repair stores and I always had to go to the mall when I need fix cracked screens. I remember the time I had to fix cracked screen on my iPad and it cost a lot and took forever.

Where to fix cracked screen?

I decided to try the place Fixit Phone Repair Hollywood to fix cracked screen.   They fixed it real fast and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg which is awesome.  I talked to the tech and asked him about the costs to fix other screens.  I told him I had a Mac book and how much would it cost to fix cracked screen on that.  I’ve never had to repair any of the screens on my laptops before so I was curious about the cost to fix crack screen on that device. It was expensive so I’m going to be extra careful with it.

The tech told me to keep my phone in a case and use a tempered glass to protect the screen.  He said it doesn’t cost too much and a good case will help protect the phone and screen from shock.  He said my screen was cracked from the shock of the fall even though I dropped it on the back.  He said a good case will protect the screen by absorbing the shock of drops and such.